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30th Anniversary 1985 - 2015

Welcome to the Springlands Experience
- where your child comes first

The Springlands group of nurseries in Colchester offers a unique opportunity to provide a great environment for your child to play and learn in a secure and happy atmosphere.

Little ones from birth benefit from attending the Springlands Baby Chalet while pre-school children can attend Springlands Nursery in Shrub End Road. We also provide pre-school and after-school holiday clubs within our nurseries and crèche facilities off site.

As part of the 'Springlands Experience’, your child will be nurtured and stimulated to develop their full potential, as recognised by Ofsted.

Award-winning staff training and development

We've also been recognised as providing the BEST nursery training and development in the whole of the UK, winning the NMT Nursery Staff Training and Development Award. This recognises the high quality childcare that will give your child a great start in life, at the same time giving you peace of mind.

Little Magic TrainYou are most welcome to attend our Little Magic Train Sessions. This is a course of music, drama and singing especially designed for children from three years old.  We also run Tots B Fit sessions to enhance 'growing brains and hearts' for those under three.  So please call and take part in both of these sessions.

Each of our nurseries has the same ethos and standards but is different because of location and opening hours, so why not make an appointment to visit – we’d be delighted to show you around.